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It just means you need to be attentive to how you present yourself.

So make an effort to be presentable and professional, and even when casual, try to stay classy, with no low cleavage, exposed midriffs or torsos, etc.

In the life of a stage manager, especially during the rehearsal process, there's no such thing as too many notes.

So listen closely at each and every meeting, taking extensive notes on blocking, lighting and tech cues as they occur, as well as any other noteworthy aspects.

The stage manager is often described as being the glue of any production, the person who always knows what's going on, where it's happening, and how things are actually progressing.

A great stage manager is typically a calm, professional, and organized person with a good base knowledge of stagecraft, and an ability to courteously manage others.

Ideally, all stage managers should know how to run the light board, sound effects equipment, and spots -- it's invaluable knowledge for anyone in the theater.

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When it comes time to open, give out small gifts or heartfelt well-wishes in personal, handwritten cards on opening night.

But something more than translating was necessary; the services had to be simplified and improved.

The chief contents of each service were: (i) psalms and a canticle, (ii) a lesson from Scripture, (iii) the Lord's Prayer and other prayers, (iv) versicles and responses.

For instance, if Chris is going to cross to upstage right during a monolog, you’d ideally write it in simplified forms, like this: C X USR next to that action in the script.

This language will enable you to write notes fast and to be able to accurately recreate even complex stage movement back to the director or players as needed.

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