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Social media response was rapid with users quick to scold Maher for shifting the blame to the wives of accused men.Maher (left) and Behar were discussing why so many of the men accused of harassment were married, such as media mogul Harvey Weinstein (right), when he made the comment.But Maher was the last to apologize - almost 17 hours after his racial slur aired on TV.'Friday nights are always my worst night of sleep because I’m up reflecting on the things I should or shouldn’t have said on my live show,' Maher said in a statement Saturday afternoon.'Last night was a particularly long night as I regret the word I used in the banter of a live moment.The word was offensive and I regret saying it and am very sorry.' At one point, Maher said that comedians like him 'are a trained thing that tries to get a laugh. And sometimes we transgress a sensitivity point.' In May, Maher was criticized for making an incest joke about Ivanka Trump and her father during his show.Representatives for Maher and HBO did not immediately respond to request for comment about his North Korea joke.This is hardly the first time the comedian has been the source of controversy.

"Let’s check in and see how Jared has done," Maher said. Well, he’s most of the way through NAFTA’s Wikipedia page. Hot Dog on a Stick goes through a more vigorous vetting process.

Bill Maher commemorated the one-year anniversary of Donald Trump's inauguration as president -- or as he called it, "the day the world came to an end" -- by tearing apart the track record of the president's son-in-law Jared Kushner.

"They call Jared Kushner Trump's 'boy wonder' because whatever anyone sees in him, boy, it really makes you wonder," Maher said on HBO's "Real Time" Friday.

No, that's got nothing to do with it,' Behar replied. The wives are home minding their own business while these jerks are jerking off.

Social media users lambasted Maher for placing the blame on a third party.

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