Dating and breakups Single partys erlangen

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At a minimum, electronic ties tempt exes to look backward.

By offering a perpetual gaze into the lives of former partners, social media platforms enable exes to hang on to hope.

By impeding a definitive ending, technology has created what relationship researcher Scott Stanley dubs the "soft breakup." "There are so many easy, cheap ways to stay in contact now," says Stanley, a professor of psychology at the University of Denver.

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We prefer to think that they view us favorably despite the unhappy ending.

Breakups are painful, and continuing connections can reinforce an impulse to turn to the ex for comfort, says Sarah Halpern-Meekin of the University of Wisconsin.

Every flicker of reconnection can obscure the very sensible reasons a relationship ended.

Romantic ambiguity is downright dangerous as relationships proceed, Stanley says.

It allows one partner to make a heavy emotional investment in another who may be unwilling or unable to commit.

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