Dating disproven

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Either the person had gone straight to a hospital or was probably dead.

When Mario ran the license plate, it came back as registered to Amber Elkins, who still had a Georgia address.

When deputies arrived on the scene, they found the dark green 2004 Chevrolet Trail Blazer bearing Georgia license plates abandoned in the parking lot.

Upon inspecting the vehicle, deputies discovered a substantial amount of blood inside the vehicle.

One location was in the middle of nowhere, on Gene Campbell Blvd. Equusearch was sent to the area along with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. D.” Clarke was arrested and charged with her murder.

They spent several hours searching the area and on Sunday, July 31, 2011, and around p.m. The mother of Clarke’s children lives in the general area where Amber’s body was dumped.

Mario Quintanilla’s supervisor contacted him and they looked at the vehicle and assessed the scene to determine if there had been any type of foul play involved.

They determined, due to the large amount of blood, something bad had happened.

D.” Clarke received for murdering her daughter, Amber Chantel Elkins, although she would like to have seen him get the death penalty.In an attempt to locate Elkins’ body, investigators began researching cell phone records which revealed where calls had been made. Quintanilla said the FBI has always been a great help to the Harris County Homicide Division.FBI agents were able to track Elkins’ phone movements.Quintanilla believes someone may have assisted him with dumping the body and dropping off the vehicle, although he could have walked home after parking the vehicle and leaving it.Jim Prewitt, Montgomery County Assistant District Attorney, said the defendant shot and killed his girlfriend in Harris County and then dumped her body in Montgomery County.

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