Dating women from another country

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I’ve condensed what I’ve learned into a few basic guidelines.Whether you’re traveling through for a short time, or moving to a foreign country indefinitely, these guidelines will help you have more dating success.I’d advise you create a profile and set up dates before you arrive — especially if you’re only going to be there for a short time.Just don’t overdo it and spend all your time on online dating.So a better approach is to make connections, get phone numbers, and try to set up more dates.If you push too hard to bring a woman home the first night, you won’t have much success and might even ruin your chances.

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In Vietnam, you have a huge edge over the local guys if you’re from a Western country.

Different cultures date in different ways – and if you don’t pay attention and adjust, you may be stuck banging your head against the wall.

In Colombia, women are beautiful, fun, and open — but they won’t typically go home with a guy the first night.

So it’s worth spending the money to live in a good part of the city. Great nightlife, fun activities, and good restaurants.

This will make it smoother for you to bring girls home when you go out and to set up dates right next to your place.

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