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Since 1 April 2014 it has been easier for a co-mother to become the legal parent of her female partner’s child.Before that date, this was only possible through a legal adoption procedure.The group claims the birds - up to 250 starlings and 50 jackdaws - are captured in nest boxes while young and have measuring equipment attached to their brains, after which they are are kept awake by being forced to fly in their cages.Once the relevant information has been collected, the birds are killed.Now the co-mother can become the child’s legal parent without recourse to the courts.Dutch civil service pension fund ABP, one of the biggest pension funds in world, is to phase out all investments in tobacco and nuclear weapons.More Researchers at Groningen University are using hundreds of wild starlings and jackdaws in an experiment about the impact of insomnia, RTL news said on Thursday.Campaign group Animal Rights says the university is breaking the law by using wild birds and that animal experimentation rules state only animals bred in captivity can be used, unless there is no alternative.

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Nowadays several other countries in Europe (such as Spain and Belgium) have also provided for gay marriage, but same-sex couples should always bear in mind that their marriage and its consequences will not be accepted in every country.

The film depicts scenes at the GP, in a hospital land at the chemist.

Not all care providers are up to date with what HIV and STI care can or should be provided to uninsurable foreign nationals in the Netherlands.

Slaves serve; they do things for you and you don’t have to give anything back.

Well, this is practically what still happens between the sheets. You can jump, dance with empty coconuts on your butt, put the curtains on fire… You only know they are alive because if you place a mirror in front of their mouth you can see that they’re breathing.

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