Hazards of online dating

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In any case, Roy Moore is ahead in the polls, so I suppose his supporters can breathe easy for now.

In the meantime, Democrats might want to shelve some of their Alabama-related smugness.

Some children with near-miss choking episodes may have had a life-threatening blockage of the airway – they may have been unable to breathe or make a sound and turned blue from lack of oxygen, but a Heimlich or other rescue maneuver saved them.

Grapes and hot dogs are especially high risk foods because they are the perfect size and shape to completely block a young child’s airway.

When studying the causes of injury, we must examine the entire spectrum of severity, including the near misses, and not just the deaths.

All of the cases in this study resulted in an ER visit, and in some cases, the child required an operation where a piece of food was removed from the lungs under general anesthesia via bronchoscopy.

In the study, infants under the age of 1 accounted for 37.8 percent of all the choking cases.

Certain foods posed more of a hazard to a particular age group.

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“They don’t want to hear about God,” he declared this week. but for an alarming number, it’s often at the altar of our nation’s tragicomic politics.) I’ll get this out the way: If you’re in Alabama and you want to vote for Roy Moore, vote for Roy Moore.The study notes high risk food items for choking don't have the same regulations as toys that are choking hazards. We have known for at least three decades that foods and toys that pose a high choking risk for young children often share common characteristics.We’ve done a great deal to prevent choking on toys with laws and regulations, and a very good data surveillance system to monitor injuries, but we have done none of that to prevent choking on food, even though kids are more likely to choke on food than a toy.In addition, kids can be easily distracted and are active, which can contribute to the risk of choking.Therefore, young children should be supervised while eating, should eat sitting down, and should never run, walk, play, or lie down with food in their mouth.

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