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That, along with the revelation about his father, leads Wallace to leave town to go live with his biological father in Chicago.

While in Chicago, he was a passenger in an SUV that was involved in a hit-and-run on a homeless man.

Because he is an office aide at Neptune High, Veronica often asks for "favors" in order to see school records and gain information on other students.

He also gives her tardy slips and occasionally provides bits of key knowledge which helped Veronica in her investigations.

Things get serious, until Jackie tells Wallace she is leaving to go to France and attend the Sorbonne.

After Jackie's father treats her harshly, she leaves early, leaving only a note for Wallace.

Jackie doesn't want to steal another girl's boyfriend, however.

At the quiz-off, Andrew, being secretary of the Decathlon team, reads Spencer and Mona the questions as the girls try to answer them to the best of their abilities in 10 seconds.Wallace comes to find her, but she breaks up with him because she has to try to be a parent like her father wasn't, and stay in New York.In Season 3, Wallace joins Veronica at Hearst College. At first, Wallace attempts to pursue both a major in Mechanical Engineering and his position as a starter on the basketball team.Andrew makes his first appearance in this episode as he sits with Spencer and other Decathlon members, where he informs them that Mona will be a new member.When Mona joins them, she informs them that she is running for team captain against Spencer.

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