Looking for sex in mzansi

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Audrey Mathebula said "Generations - The Legacy is no longer suitable for viewing with the whole family.

Both these time periods also fall outside of the watershed period when a lot of children are watching public television.Viewer complaints: Viewers complained that they're no longer able to watch the supposedly family entertainment weekday prime time soap opera from Morula Pictures over the "soft porn" content in a storyline in which a woman uses sex to take revenge and that's been deemed not suitable for children.Viewers like Segomoco Morake said that has "too much sex now" and that "either the producers change the script or we make a petition to remove it from our televisions because I can't afford to watch pornography with my children while I'm a loyal SABC TV licence payer".The judgement: The BCCSA in its judgment found that the SABC "has not breached any of the provisions of the Code of Conduct".The BCCSA found that Generations - The Legacy didn't show explicit sex scenes but "do test the line between suggestive sex and explicit sex"."The groaning kisses and/or systematic removal of clothing do also test the thin line between suggestive sex and explicit sex."According to the BCCSA "The subsequent actions of the SABC do indicate that the SABC did concede that the audience complaints may have some validity".

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