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I registered an instance of this the other day when I bumped into Eve Pollard, the former newspaper editor, at the BBC.One of Pollard's attributes is a sensational decolletage which has attracted much attention over the years.It is only when mothers overplay their hand with an explicit ultimatum - it's her or me - that their sons are shaken into action.This was the mistake made by Jackie Stallone, who threatened to boycott son Sylvester's wedding to Jennifer Flavin because she thought (hoped? The wedding went ahead anyway and the maternal spell was broken.It looked as if the reason for her delay might be her struggle to squeeze herself into her wholly inappropriate sexy outfit.For whatever reason, the marriage of the young couple turned out to be short-lived. Heaven knows what the great Yorkshire cricketer made of it all.Yet according to London-based dentist Dr Nick Mohindra, who invented the Oralift, this unprepossessing item has the power to resculpt my face, making it younger and prettier, with plumper cheeks, fuller lips and a nicer, wider, more even smile.It could even, he says, make my piggily-small eyes wider and eliminate the hollows under them.

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They are the types who have not ceded any territory to other women over the years.

Then, when ageing does finally set in, patients have a seven-year head start on their peers.

Keep using the miracle mouthguard, he says, and you can stay younger-looking for decades.

Both have spoken of the superiority of effortless beauty and of older women. The relationship between a mother and daughter is founded on recognition, which is why it's often volatile.

I think the key to the scandalous upstaging is that these are mothers of sons. It is an imperative that glamorous mothers must concede to beautiful daughters.

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