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In contrast, Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters is older than any other member of the two cabinets.Changes to parliamentary procedure that Simon Bridges helped craft and then explicitly championed while in Government now appear to be bad for National in opposition. Over the next three years we will find out and whether our lives can be better.As part of the Hobson's Pledge organisation he promoted the view that we are all "one people".

Hearing the use of the Maori language on mainstream media during Maori Language Week provoked Don Brash to again demand that we be "one people" united in our Britishness. But is the tide of history leading to a more diverse society and is Maori language and culture becoming part of all of our lives? In his (in)famous Orewa Rotary speech he argued that there was too much Maori "privilege" and everyone should be treated equally.

But we do not seem to be learning how to get the best from the system. "Here we are", lament commentators, "days after the election and we still don't know who is going to run the country!!

' (Actually, it is the job of the public service to "mind the store" in the absence of a government in all democratic countries).

It was the glimpse of New Zealand's future and raised questions about how New Zealand might looked in 20 years. Incumbency is the super power every politician craves, yet this oddly muted new Labour-led government doesn't seem to have figured out how to use it yet.

This week's mini-Budget is now crucial if it wants to position itself as a truly transformational government Economics students have ‘comparative advantage’ drummed into them.

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