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It's at Singularity You may also know me because I started the net's most widely read newsgroup, rec.humor.funny. Each day, what people estimate are a half million readers send in the lastest (and not-so-latest) jokes they have heard.The moderator picks just the very best and sends them back out the newsgroup.I decided they would be one of the largest computer-driven disruptions of the near future.I have made a large series of essays about them as well as a robocar blog.If, like some high-tech folk, you still have stock with unrealized capital gains, ask about the stock-donation program that can get you up to a double deduction on your taxes. (End beg break) I am also on the board of the non-profit Foresight Nanotech Institute, the leading advocacy and watchdog group for molecular nanotechnology, founded in 1986 by the field's pioneers. In 2009, a new school designed to offer a multi-disciplinary graduate program about the coming 5-15 years of exponentially changing technology was created.Founders included Google, Autodesk, Cisco, Genentech, Nokia, Kauffman, Peter Diamandis of the X-Prize and inventor Ray Kurzweil, as well as NASA Ames, where it's hosted. The summer program is a real trip, with 80 fantastic students from 35 countries, and we also do shorter programs through the year both locally and around the world.I used to have a page of other press mentions of me, but as noted only a few of the links inside it are alive.In the naughties, I became fascinated with self-driving cars; first because they are a super-cool technology, but later because my research revealed the truly immense numbers around cars that will be changed.

I've also released a new compilation of the very best from those books, plus some more in The Internet Jokebook from Peer-to-Peer publishing. In 1993, in a venture into electronic books, I published what was (and as far as I know still is) the largest anthology of current fiction ever published.

I've written a variety of software tools related to the net, including: Around the World in 14 days, an account of how I circled the globe in July 1995 to visit Hong Kong, China and South Africa, including political commentary on my impressions of South Africa. If I really did it, probably the thing I did that became the most famous was being the first to suggest that internet addresses be in the form site "dot" toplevel-domain, a convention that has now become recognized all around the world.

I also proposed and developed the trial newsgroup system for creating newsgroups -- an alternate to "voting" that was approved in 1991, but alas that's when Clari Net took over my life and the work was never followed through on.

The Hugo and Nebula Anthology 1993 contains the complete contents of all of the nominees for the Hugo award that year, plus all the short fiction nebula nominees. The anthology, which is available on CD-ROM (and was available on the net for a time) contains all the novels, all the art, all the other fiction and fan material, plus author photos and videos and a hypertext annotated edition of one of the Hugo winners, A Fire Upon the Deep by Vernor Vinge.

I'm also still very active on the net, and am one of the few brave souls from the early days to still take an active role, though sometimes I wonder why.

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