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The visor of his cap he brought down over his eyes, so as to shield them from the afternoon sun. The seat was hard, to be sure, but his recumbent position rested him.

Elliot Simpson, or Jamie Johnson if you know nothing about them but their names? Sometimes the best course of action is to play it safe by using the full name instead trying to juggle a courtesy title.Very large or very small numbers are easier to work with when you can replace any scientific notation with a name or word.The metric unit prefixes are short words that indicate a multiple or fraction of a unit.Depuis le 21/11/2016, date de fermeture du service, il n'est plus possible d'accéder aux Pages Perso SFR créées, ni aux interfaces de gestion et de publication de ce service. I work for a large Canadian law firm and I’ve noticed that many of the people here do not use Mr. Addressing a letter in the old days was a fairly straightforward undertaking.

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