Tv show about online dating mtv

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We've seen couples who have been talking for a few months and some for years.The show is based on Nev's experience on being Catfished, which he made into a movie before the show premiered in 2012.

One in five relationships begin on an online dating site, and that's not counting romances that bloom via Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, Twitter and yes, even World of Warcraft.

Turns out that cute-as-a-button Sunny wasn't in a relationship with a male model after all; when she met up with Jameson, he was in fact a she -- named Chelsea. For those who haven't yet found your match, might make you paranoid but ultimately, the show is doing online daters a favor.

Exposing emotional scammers will make it easier for you to read the virtual signs and more challenging for others to impersonate the love of your life.

MTV Catfish has been entertaining fans for the last few years, with the show now in its seventh season.

But what is the online dating reality show about and what are the changes for the new series? Each episode of MTV Catfish follows the story of someone who has been speaking to a person online and developed a romantic relationship with them.

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