Updating drivers in ubuntu

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Tip: if you're behind a firewall / router that blocks some of the redirects required to download the Oracle Java archive, you can download the JDK archive manually and place it under /var/cache/oracle-jdk7-installer - then, installing the "oracle-java7-installer" package will use the local archive instead of trying it to download it itself.

After the installation finishes, if you wish to see if it was successful, you can run the following command: The package installs all the Java binaries, so you can also try "javac -version" which should return "javac 1.7.0_76" and so on (the "_76" part of the version can be different because I'm constantly updating the PPA with the latest Oracle Java 7 version).

Installing a desktop operating system on a USB thumb drive, meanwhile, has some key advantages.

For a start off, there is little chance of your chosen platform suddenly stopping.

Essentially, these pocket-based PCs offer a desktop experience, powered not by a PC or laptop, but by a smartphone.

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Update: the installer now requires you accept the Oracle license before the installation begins. If for some reason you need the installation to be automated, you can run the following command to automatically accept the Oracle license: If you've already installed oracle-java6-set-default or oracle-java8-set-default, they will be automatically removed when installing oracle-java7-set-default (and the environment variables will be set for Oracle Java 7 instead).Good afternoon, I am trying to set up an Ubuntu guest on a Hyper-V server.I am relatively new to Linux so please bear with me, the VM is a test machine to get the hang of things and give Ubuntu a try.Update: our Oracle Java 7 installer now supports ARM.Oracle Java 7 supports ARM v6/v7 Hard Float and Soft Float ABI.

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