Wp rss feed not updating

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This is the option titled “Force full content” within the feed source’s settings.

Sometimes the full text service we use for the full content import experience issues, and in that case, the import would fail.

The first thing we recommend is checking if there are cron jobs at the top of the list that should be running (marked as “now”).

If after waiting for some time, or after multiple page refreshes it does not run, then the cron job is stuck.

Should you require the full text service but it’s still not working, please contact our support team. If you are not familiar with any of these, please contact your hosting provider.

We do not provide support for server issues, nor are we responsible for having your server setup work correctly.

There are three possible solutions for this: Sometimes it might be the case that certain 3rd party plugins or themes will conflict with WP RSS Aggregator, causing it not to function as advertised.

In such cases, run the necessary tests as explained here.

The most reliable piece of data to do this job is the permalink, as it is what uniquely identifies a resource on the web.

Should it be determined by a support team member that the issue at hand is related solely to your server setup, we will not be able to assist you any further until this issue has been resolved with the host, or you have switched hosting companies. Make sure that you have all the requirements listed here.

The plugin uses the Simple Pie library which is included in Word Press, meaning that the above requirements are also the plugin’s requirements.

Please also note that WP RSS Aggregator is completely incompatible with the WP RSS Multi Importer plugin.

I'm using the following code to display some entries of my Word Press blog as a feed in the sidebar.

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